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All courses in the Course List below will be offered at various times in the future.

Please note, syllabi on this page may not be up-to-date: make sure you have the current syllabus for your course before you buy textbooks!

If a syllabus is not up-to-date, please contact the course professor by email.


BI5102L Reading the Church's Bible
Ed Neufeld, Ph.D.
Winter 2012

This is a foundational course that prepares students for biblical studies at PTS.  It traces the unified narrative of the Bible through its constituent parts in the Old and New Testaments.  This course explores the implications of reading that narrative within the Church, and attends to historical, textual, and personal questions that affect the reading of the Church's Bible. (3 credits)

TS5201L Theological Foundations 1
Tim Konkel, M.A.
 Sample Syllabus

A systematic survey of the biblical, historical, and philosophical foundations of theology. Studies will include the doctrines of revelation, God, humankind, and sin, relating them to other Christian disciplines and to the Christian life. (3 credits)

TS5202L Theological Foundations 2
Konkel, M.A.
Sample Syllabus

This course continues the systematic survey of the biblical, historical, and philosophical foundations of theology. Studies will include the doctrines of Christ, salvation, the church, the Holy Spirit, and the end- time, relating them to other Christian disciplines and to the Christian life. (3 credits)

TS6202L Themes in Theology: On Being Human
David Smith, Ph.D.
Sample Syllabus Not Available

This course is a study of the creation and nature of humanity, and the entry of sin into the world. It addresses the effects of the Fall on our present condition, and how those devastating effects may be redressed in Christ Jesus. (3 credits)

OT5301L Promise and Covenant
August Konkel, Ph.D.
Fall 2011 Syllabus

The goal of the course is to develop the theme of the Pentateuch as a foundation from which we may understand God's program of salvation. The course begins with a theology of the primeval history in Genesis. The Patriarchs, the redemption of Exodus, Sinai, and the tabernacle system are God's response to the world of the primevel history. Cross-credited with OT6301 OT Theology (3 credits)

OT5310L Job
August Konkel, Ph.D.
Spring 2012 Syllabus

The book of Job is a profound poetic reflection on the struggle of mortals relating to the divine. The course will focus on how the structure and poetry of Job enabled mortals to come to terms with their pain in the mystery of divine soverignty. There will be detailed analysis of critical passages, with discussion of translation alternatives and demonstration of sophisticated literary achivement within Job. (3 credits)

NT5201L Synoptic Gospels: Mark
Ed Neufeld, Ph.D.

2010 Syllabus

This course is a study of the nature of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and their witness to Jesus.  The bulk part of the course will examine one of the three Gospels in part or as a whole.  This offering will cover the Gospel of Mark. (3 credits)

NT5306L John and the Mission of Jesus
Ed Neufeld, Ph.D.
Sample Syllabus

This study of the Fourth Gospel highlights its main theme: the person of Jesus and the nature of his mission. This course gives special attention to this Gospel as work of theology, of literature, and of history. It also investigates the implications of John for the Church and its mission. (3 credits)

NT5311L Revelation: New Testament Apocalyptic
Ed Neufeld, Ph.D.
Fall 2009 Syllabus

The course is an exposition of the book of Revelation. The nature of apocalyptic literature and its intertextuality are studied. The course examines the message of Revelation to John's seven churches, and the ongoing message to all churches that flows from it. (3 credits)

EM5101L History and Philosophy of Education
Stan Hamm, Ph.D.
Sample Syllabus

A study of the major religious and secular developments in history and philosophy of education and a comparison of those developments with biblical principles to develop an understanding of the church's role in education. The learner will develop a personal philosophy of Christian education. (3 credits)

EM5103L Theories of Learning
Chuck Nichols, Ph.D.
Sample Syllabus Not Available

An advanced study and evaluation of the theories of learning as these find particular relevance to the task of educational ministries in the church and school. The learner will also demonstrate a proficiency in the application and evaluation of various principles and methods of instruction. (3 credits)

EM5105L Administration and Leadership
Chuck Nichols, Ph.D.
Sample Syllabus Not Available

A study of biblical and secular administration and leadership principles. They will be compared and contrasted to develop a personal model for administration and leadership in ministry. Communication, conflict resolution, and stress management will all be considered. (3 credits)

GS5102L Worldview and Culture
Daryl Climenhaga, D. Miss.

Sample Syllabus

An exploration of the relationship between divine revelation and human culture, with special reference to inter-cultural communications. (3 credits)

CP5101L Foundations of Counselling
Rod Buxton, D.Min.
Fall 2010 Syllabus

A comprehensive study of biblical counselling theory covering the psychological nature of humankind, how problems develop, and appropriate counselling strategies for the biblical counsellor. (3 credits)

CP5102L Human Development
Rob MacDonald, M.A. 
Sample Syllabus Not Available

A study of physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and moral human development from conception to death from both contemporary research and biblical perspectives. (3 credits)

CP5105L Integration of Psychology and Theology
Rodolfo Nolasco, Th.D.

This course explores and critically examines various theories of integration of psychology and theology on three levels of discourse — namely, conceptually, clinically, and personally. Issues such as sin and psychopathology, the human concept of God, religious experience and faith development, the nature of self, psychotherapy and spiritual direction, etc. will be considered from both perspectives along with the psychology and spiritual issues counsellors bring to the healing process. Prerequisite: Theological Foundations 1 (3 credits)

CP5111L Ethical and Legal Issues for Counsellors and Educators
Rod Buxton, D.Min.
Winter 2012 Syllabus

An introduction to Christian Ethics with special application for the Christian Counselling and Education student. The course includes an analysis of professional ethics, training and practice standards, educational requirements, and mental health law. Attention will be given to contemporary professional and psycho-social issues that affect the training and practice of Christian counsellors and educators. The ethical/legal status and practice of Christian counsellors and educators will be explored and analytically appraised from an integrated Theology-Psychology perspective. (3 credits)

CP5113L Crisis and Trauma Counselling
Rod Buxton, D.Min
Winter 2012 Syllabus

The assessment and treatment of clients in crisis and suffering from trauma will be studied using empirical materials and formulations drawn from several theoretical approaches. The time-limited nature of crisis intervention, related legal and ethical issues, and interfacing appropriately with other service providers will be studied. Participants will learn the fundamentals of traumatology, including the basics of victimology, traumatic stress, and stress research. Special emphasis will be given to adult survivors of various types of abuse, including sexual, physical, emotional, spousal, and ritual abuse. (Prerequisite for CP 6501) (3 credits)

CP5201L Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
Sample Syllabus Not Available

A comprehensive overview of the major theories of psychotherapy and counselling from a Christian perspective. This course offers an in-depth study and critique of the theories and how they are applied in Christian Counselling. The presuppositions underlying counselling and therapy will be explored and analytically appraised from an integrated Theology-Psychology perspective. (3 credits)

 CP5202L Psychopathology
Rodolfo Nolasco, Th.D.
Fall 2011  Syllabus

This course is an introduction to psychopathology and the mental disorders delineated by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 4th Edition Text Revised (DSM-IV- TR, 2000). An overview of the etiology (cause), presenting symptoms, diagnostic criteria, usual course, and treatments of mental disorders will be presented. Particular attention will be paid to the most common mental disorders encountered in clinical and counseling practices. Abnormal psychology from a Christian perspective, including relevant spiritual issues, will be explored and emphasized in class discussion.

It is the instructor’s hope that students will develop a deeper appreciation of psychological and spiritual suffering, and the diversity and complexity of human psychology. It is also hoped that by engaging in the course, students will be better equipped to distinguish and address mental disorders as Christians, lay helpers, and/or mental health professionals. (3 credits)

CP5214L Congregational Care and Counselling
Rodolfo Nolasco, Th.D.
Sample Syllabus Not Available

The course examines the nature and function of the church as it relates to the ministry of congregational care and counselling from the perspective of systems theory. (3 credits)

CP5410L Counselling for Mental Health and Wellness
Don Russell, Ed.D.
Sample Syllabus

A study of mental health from a wellness and prevention perspective. The focus will be on equipping for a psycho-educational ministry in and for the church. Early identification and intervention therapeutic models are studied. The contributions of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental dimensions of total health will be considered. Specific topics include stress management, conflict resolution, life change and transitions and support networks. (3 credits)

CP5501L Counselling Theory Practicum 1
Rod Buxton, D.Min

A course designed to help the beginning counsellor understand the therapeutic process and how change occurs. The course will guide the student through goal setting and intervention strategies, in all phases of treatment, from initial CE contact to termination. Lab fees apply. (3 credits)

CP6401L Research Design and Methodology
Sharon Habermann, Ph.D.
Sample Syllabus

This course is a review of behavioural science research designs and methods appropriate for counsellors and therapists. Course topics include: philosophy of science, research methods, ethical issues in social research, hypothesis formulation, experimental and quasi-experimental research designs, analytical methods (qualitative, quantitative, etc.) data capture, measurement, analysis of data, interpretation (causal, correlation, generalizability) and presentation of data. Attention will be given to the criteria for critical appraisal and utilization of research. The application of these research concepts to professional counselling praxis will be emphasized.


Rolling Enrolment (Independent Studies)

Providence Theological Seminary offers some online courses in an independent, rolling enrolment style (i.e. on demand).  These courses count as Independent Studies (of which there is a limited number that can be applied to a degree), and are offered subject to the approval of the professor.  The advantage of taking an Independent Study in this way is that it allows access to recorded lectures and other helpful and interactive features.  However, be advised that the online Tech Fee still applies.

To register, submit to the Registrar's Office a completed Independent Study Request Form, which can be found here.



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