Online Course Registration


Online Course Registration

Fill out the Student Registration Form here. Students must have their student number when filling out this form.

If you have not applied to Providence yet and therefore do not have a student number, apply to Providence Seminary here.

Registration Information

Full payment is required at time of course registration.  Registration and payment can be completed online.

Tuition and Textbooks:

View the Financial Information page for Tuition.

Required text books are not included in these fees and must be purchased separately. With the closing of the Bookstore, Providence has shifted all student textbook ordering to an online format, with students assuming full responsibility of acquiring textbook resources neccessary for their courses. For more information on the shift, and the full list of required textbooks, visit the Textbooks page on our website.

Tuition Refund Policy:

Full refund (less administrative fee of $35.00) prior to course start date.
90% if cancelled during the first week of class.
80% if cancelled during the second week of class.
70% if cancelled during the third week of class.
60% if cancelled during the fourth week of class.

Technology Requirements:

Click here and follow the link to a "Browser Test" to ensure that your computer meets the requirements. If there are any issues, follow the instructions provided by the Browser Test, or click "Technical Help" on the itslearning page

Technical Support:

Our ItsLearning page contains a link to "Technical Help" which can be clicked at any time to contact the ItsLearning support team.  You may also contact the EdTek Help Desk by email at




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